In a process analogous to investors’ due diligence, we provide a comprehensive advice service that gives you confidence in the overall plan and in the specific gifts you make. While we have a great deal of experience and wide exposure to the philanthropic and fundraising arena worldwide, our activities are focused solely on philanthropic advice and guidance; we do not provide financial, investment or legal advice.

Philanthropic values assessments

To tailor our advice, we begin with an in-depth consultation with you and those closest to you, such as your spouse and children, friends, or advisors, to understand your philanthropic motivations, values and aims. Although the process is mainly to inform us and help in developing a giving strategy that aligns your philanthropy with your values, many clients find the process clarifies their thinking and inspires ideas.

Issue and organisational evaluations

Assessing possible recipients demands comprehensive research of issues and the organisations operating in each sphere. In addition to briefings on issues and current trends we provide detailed information about non-profit organisations working in areas matching your philanthropic aims and interests.

Governance modelling

Global Philanthropic can design or develop a governance model that best facilitates the work of your trust or foundation. This service can encompass defining trustee roles and identifying trustees and providing for succession planning and training for future generations.

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Application screening and awards assessment

It’s common to receive hundreds of grant applications every month and can be unmanageable without guidelines and procedures to streamline the selection process. We can also provide on-the-ground support to screen, assess, and shortlist applications for review by you, your trustees, or advisors. Once grants are made, our team can also monitor progress and compare final grant reports against the original proposals, giving you a concise view of the performance of projects that you are funding.

Strategic giving impact evaluations for trusts and foundations

Trusts and foundations are under increasing scrutiny to justify their beneficial tax position by demonstrating that they serve the public good. In addition to directly supporting their recipients, they are expected to deliver further value as independent entities that can foster debate and drive wider engagement in key issues.

Demonstrating our clients’ progress towards these expectations and their own targets, we conduct regular 360-degree impact evaluations, including interviews with grant receiving organisations, their program staff, chief executives, trustees, those they service, collaborating organisations and competitors.

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