Strategy, development and operational planning

Major gifts can transform projects and whole organisations, if well thought out and carefully planned. We can help you identify the most productive areas for strategic development and design clear, quantified plans that suit your organisation’s context.

Capital campaigns and endowments are common objectives we can help to achieve, taking a step-by-step approach:

  • Mapping the path towards financial and strategic goals that may stretch the organisation but can be achieved,
  • Setting measures of effectiveness, and projecting return on investment,
  • Building fundraising and stewardship capacity, recommending financial and HR budgets, and planning volunteer involvement.
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Case development and organisational priority-setting

Presenting a coherent case helps prospective donors understand your aims and see how they can make a difference through their support. It also provides a focus for your strategic planning within the organisation, inspiring and motivating your team.
Getting the story straight for staff and supporters alike is often harder than thought—outside perspectives help:

  • Articulating the central purpose and relevance of your organisation,
  • Showing how financial support will create change,
    Identifying and prioritising appropriate funding projects,
  • Engaging leaders and influencers across your organisation,
  • Increasing everyone’s understanding of the role of fundraising.

Capacity assessment and strategy implementation

For most organisations it is a constant challenge to maintain sufficient income from major gifts. You can conquer it by putting place the capacity for fundraising throughout the organisation, developing policies and processes, training and tracking to keep it front of mind and central to your operations.

Process essentials are the key to effective fundraising:

  • Establishing performance metrics aligned to strategy, growth and financial goals,
  • Refining staffing structures to support growth and breadth of funding sources,
  • Instilling rigorous procedures for planning and assessing progress,
  • Developing plans to integrate fundraising and development, from annual broad-base fundraising to major donor relationship building,
  • Determining policies for gift acceptance, due diligence, and endowment fundraising that minimise risk,
  • Delivering tailored advice and coaching for leadership, board members and volunteers.

Out of country representation

Organisations are increasingly looking for growth in overseas support, but achieving it requires specialised knowledge of each target region. With an international footprint, Global Philanthropic provides on-the-ground support that helps expand your reach to sources of funding from other countries and cultures.

Local knowledge helps make international fundraising effective:

  • Devising strategies that are region-specific, and culturally aware,
  • Providing support and advice on international outreach,
  • Offering representation on the ground in target territories,
  • Delivering specialist services related to your region.
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Collaboration and creativity

Inspiring others is a common outcome of philanthropy in general; for us it’s a measure of success.