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By its nature, philanthropy often has to align individual needs and motivations with large scale society and environmental issues. How do you align your philanthropy with your values? How can you define the limits of your engagement with your chosen cause? What is the most effective way to measure the impact of your giving? Such questions naturally occupy individual philanthropists as well as foundations.

Similarly, we need to understand how philanthropy’s special focus can best assist in solving intractable problems around the world. What can we do that will have a meaningful and lasting effect?

Those are the range of questions that the worldwide forum of Talking Philanthropy tackles. Through the forum, we aim to inspire progress in global philanthropy, collaborating with influential organisations and people, academic leaders and inspiring individuals.Each of our partners for Talking Philanthropy 2021 has a unique perspective and approach to philanthropy and contribute a diverse range of knowledge and experience.

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Our Fundraising partners in Asia Pacific

Global Philanthropic is honoured to work with a select number of firms in supporting Fundraising across Asia Pacific.