Why we are here

Global Philanthropic serves all those who desire to give and those who have ideas that need support. Through our advice, connections, insight and guidance, we enable them to coordinate their actions to achieve greater potential and power the changes the world needs.

We are ambitious for our clients, helping them to see the potential for greater impact, or bigger outcomes. We also challenge the global philanthropic community to excel, encouraging collaboration and communication to explore new possibilities.

Altogether, we aim to achieve the improbable every day. We are driven by a strong sense of purpose, an awareness of the need for action, and a willingness to take responsibility to make sure that more of what is right gets done.

Our Values

Beyond our role in helping to increase the impact of philanthropy, we contribute to the exchange of knowledge and expertise in philanthropic sector, while promoting the highest standards of professional integrity.

Through publishing and lecturing, research, and benchmarking, we’re increasing our understanding of philanthropy around the world. Our professional development, training programmes, mentoring and internship programmes also help us promote best practice among professionals in the sector.

Confidentiality is central to much of our work. Many people wish to keep their giving private, and we have built a reputation for tact and discretion.

We are clear about our fees throughout our global network, seeking only a reasonable compensation for the time we expend in providing our services.

We operate a largely paperless office environment, and we minimise travel within our global operations.

Global Philanthropic is fundamentally a business with a purpose: to increase the amount and the impact of philanthropy in the world. Through our advice and direct work for clients we leverage millions of dollars of philanthropic capital every year. Through our collaborative partnerships and networking, we progress thinking and spark action among the philanthropic community worldwide.

Contribute to solving the world’s problems - large or small - to achieve greater success