Creating a worldwide service

Global Philanthropic was founded in Hong Kong in 2002. In fewer than 20 years, Global Philanthropic has built a network with worldwide reach. With each new office we have been able to assist more organisations; as we have widened our network we have helped connect more people to create more impact.

We combine insight and experience to deliver specialist advice and guidance to philanthropists and fundraisers. We enable everyone to coordinate their actions to achieve greater potential and power the changes the world needs.

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Our aims

We are ambitious for our clients, helping them to see the potential for greater impact, or bigger outcomes. Developing stretching targets, and effective strategies to achieve them, we instil belief, backed up with proven ability to make connections and realise the vision.

Altogether, we aim to achieve the improbable every day. We are driven by a strong sense of purpose, an awareness of the need for action, and a willingness to take responsibility to make sure that more of what is right gets done.

We have served more than 300 clients of all kinds, from health care research and treatment to education and world-class arts organisations. We have advised foundations tackling hunger, poverty and disease on a global scale, and philanthropists seeking to improve trauma outcomes.


We are proud of the role we play in building the transformative impact of philanthropy around the world. We seek to build knowledge and expertise in the philanthropic sector and we anchor our work in the highest standards of professional integrity.


Convening possibilities

We identify the issues that matter most in the hearts, minds and operating landscape of our sector – then we bring together some of the most brilliant philanthropic thinkers and doers in the world, to share, provoke and explore possibilities.

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Orchestrating change

Our growing voice and role in navigating the complexities of intellectual collaboration amongst our sector’s primary stakeholders, can help unlock the power and potential of more intelligent and courageous alliances.

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Building philanthropic knowledge and best practice

Through publishing and lecturing, research, and benchmarking, we foster a better understanding of the philanthropic sector around the world. Our professional development, training programmes, mentoring and internship programmes help us spread philanthropic best practices to a diversity of professional practitioners in the philanthropic sector.

Committed to progress in philanthropy

As advisers and intermediaries in philanthropy we have an interest in its continual research and development. Partly to understand the dynamics of the context for giving, partly to understand the shifting ways in which it can positively impact society.

Meet the team

Each of our specialist consultants has experience in the philanthropic sector, whether it is in raising US$1 million-plus gifts from philanthropic donors or working with philanthropists to realise projects of US$1 million or more.

Our people

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