Global Philanthropic combines insight and experience to deliver specialist advice and guidance to Corporations, Philanthropists and Fundraisers.

We are ambitious for our clients, helping them to see the potential for greater impact, or bigger outcomes. Developing stretching targets and effective strategies to achieve them, we instill belief, backed up with proven ability to make connections and realise the vision.

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We help organisations of all shapes, sizes and levels of complexity to identify and attract the philanthropic support they deserve, to fulfil their utmost aims and ambitions in this fast changing landscape.

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Global Philanthropic has over 20 years’ experience in the philanthropic sector providing strategic advice to individuals, foundations and charitable organisations on how best to make a difference to the challenges they care most about.

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Why Corporations need to think philanthropically

Corporate Philanthropy is a constructive way to re-examine the role of the business and its potential to be a force for good well beyond but not incompatible with the narrower definitions of existing programmes.

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Committed to progress in philanthropy

As advisers and intermediaries in philanthropy we have an interest in its continual research and development. Partly to understand the dynamics of the context for giving, partly to understand the shifting ways in which it can positively impact society.

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Our authentic selves and doing diversity right

Is your philanthropy set up for maximum impact?

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