Our Asia-based team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in the philanthropic sector in the region, and we offer the following specialist Asia services and expertise:

Hong Kong Foundation Services

Hong Kong charitable foundations are a powerful way to access Asian giving and a highly effective fundraising tool. In addition to providing tax advantages for both donor and recipient, establishing a foundation sends a clear signal to Asian donors, alumni and supporters that your institution is committed to the region for the long term. Setting up a Hong Kong charitable foundation offers advantages to foundations wishing to attract Asian donors:

  • Allows institutions to collect funds from alumni and donors across Asia within their home region,
  • Enables alumni and donors based in Hong Kong to receive tax deductions for their donations to institutions,
  • Simplifies receipt of donations from mainland Chinese as many maintain Hong Kong dollar accounts,
  • Fosters local connections as institutions can demonstrate its commitment to the Asia region,
  • Deepens engagement as local foundations offer opportunities to participate for suitable alumni and donors,
  • Offers institutions straightforward access to monies as there are no restrictions on the movement of currency from Hong Kong to other countries.

We provide full support for creating and administering Hong Kong charitable foundations:

The University’s relationship with Hong Kong goes back decades. We have built partnerships with Universities in Hong Kong, which is also home to our largest concentration of graduates anywhere outside of the UK. The Foundation will create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between Birmingham and Hong Kong. Global Philanthropic provides us with day-to-day support with the management of donations and governance.

The University of Birmingham

Management of company registry and audit requirements

We are able to process all donations and receipts and provide comprehensive donor reporting. We also offer assistance with identifying and engaging volunteers. Our people provide a crucial public interface and local point of contact for your donors, companies and institutions, on your behalf, in Hong Kong.

In-country representation services

Our staff become your on-the-ground representatives, working with you to achieve your philanthropic objectives. This encompasses both day-to-day administration and strategic planning and development. Our service offers comprehensive prospect and donor engagement, including prospect research due diligence, risk analysis and stewardship. We also provide administration and office support, including event and tour co-ordination for visiting representatives.

Scope of services

We offer a complete service including setting up and managing all governmental requirements of the foundation.
We are able to collect cash donations, bank transfer or credit card. We provide donation information and reporting and foundation audit management.
We also offer you use of our Hong Kong office when visiting the region.

Why choose Global Philanthropic?

Global Philanthropic is the only full service, worldwide, strategic fundraising and philanthropy firm with offices in Hong Kong.
Our Hong Kong staff provide comprehensive support. We have a strong track record in establishing foundations.

Download our Hong Kong Foundation & Asia Services Brochure to find out more, or contact:

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