IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is a global non-profit organisation helping animals and people thrive together. Working across oceans, and in more than 40 countries around the world, IFAW rescues, rehabilitates and releases animals, restoring and protecting their natural habitats. Conservation problems today are urgent and complicated; to help solve them, IFAW matches fresh thinking with bold action.

We were asked by IFAW to start work with them over a year ago. Whilst the non-profit has been successful in securing plenty of modest gifts from many people, to realise its ambitions for securing animal habitats, IFAW is looking to redouble its major gift fundraising as a growing source of revenue.

Our work together has supported development staff and executive leadership in exploring the potential of two types of major gift fundraising:  1) building an endowment fund to support animal rescue, and 2) conducting a significantly larger scale campaign, with their ‘Room to Roam’ project as the campaign’s flagship project.

Having interviewed some of IFAW’s top donors and benchmarked its endowment and campaign fundraising plans against peer organisations, we are helping to develop an integrated strategy and donor-appealing case for support to accelerate major gift fundraising. In addition, our work has given IFAW a clear overview of how potential major donors view various facets of its work with animals, their habitats, and the people who share them.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the volunteer development board,  development teams, program staff and executive management, to ensure that IFAW has the resources it needs in place to ramp up its major gift programme and to increase numbers of major gift donors in its family of supporters and organisational culture.

As IFAW continues its important work with local communities, governments, non-governmental organisations and businesses, we are delighted to continue as trusted partners and allies to implement the next stages of the strategy. Discover more about IFAW HERE.

Josey Sharrad, Wildlife Campaign Manager, with a koala joey in care at Mosswood Wildlife. Photo: Stacey Hedman/© IFAW