Talking Philanthropy 2016

When did you last get the opportunity to reflect on the sector we work in and how it impacts the world?              How often do we really take the time to think beyond the day to day of our work?

Our Talking Philanthropy event is an opportunity to come together with leading professionals to share and learn from each other in a meaningful way and hear insights from our speakers (details below).

Participants will be attending from across a range of sectors including arts & culture, higher education, NGO & development, grant making and consultancy.

Attendance is strictly by invitation only, and delegates come from a broad range of backgrounds, such as fundraising, management, consulting, organisational leadership and philanthropy.

This diversity and range of experience is an amazing opportunity to share skills and experience with others and enrich the mental landscape of our professional worlds.


For more information on the event and our speakers Sir Howard Davies and Geoff Holt, please see below.

“This year's event will be focusing on Leadership in Philanthropy, and we have an inspiring and informative lineup of speakers, including Sir Howard Davies & Geoff Holt.” Ben Morton Wright, Founder of Global Philanthropic

Event Format and Speaker Profiles


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