Building on our understanding of the dynamics of philanthropy worldwide and our experience in advising philanthropic individuals and organisations, we are able to guide corporate business in developing its social contribution within the context of its mission and the range of stakeholders it must satisfy.

Board level discussion

Global Philanthropic people have accredited experience on boards, and in corporate strategy as well as philanthropy. Our experience and insight, backed up by the intellectual rigour of our approach, helps corporates answer key questions about the potential for thinking strategically about philanthropy as a complement to existing CSR activity or ESG compliance.

Understanding the starting point

Most corporates are already engaged in CSR and recognise ESG, but fewer think of either being at the core of their business. A comprehensive audit of existing philanthropic or charitable activities can help to clarify the board’s appetite for potential championing of a strategic approach to philanthropy.

An audit might typically establish how philanthropy could align to the business’s purpose, mission and values, to the interests and outlook of its employees, and add value to its current CSR policy and ESG compliance.

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Defining a Philanthropic pathway

Making philanthropy a more prominent aspect of a business’s purpose means thinking long-term and understanding what its impact and value might be.

Our approach is to help you develop ideas about the shape of a philanthropic strategy. We will help to define its components and aims and clarify how they could be achieved in a way that is integrated to existing activity, strategy and values of the business.

Executing the strategy and communicating the change

We provide ongoing advice to guide implementation of the strategy, helping you to establish activities that support it, measures to demonstrate its impact, a process for accountability, and communications to stakeholders.

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