NanoConference 06 – Giving Across Borders: Culture & Success in International Fundraising – 10th Dec 2020.


One of the keys to successful international fundraising is understanding the cultural context in which we’re operating, this is exactly what this Nano is all about! In this NanoConference learn from sector leaders about the cultural nuances that exist in different regions, how to factor these into your fundraising and understand the global landscape in which you operate – from international philanthropy trends, to the economy in 2021.

  • What is the state of play of international fundraising?
  • What will the world economy look like in 2021 with Covid-19?
  • What are the cultural considerations in fundraising?
  • How do we integrate these in our approaches?
  • How do we implement successful international fundraising strategies?


  • NanoTalk 1 – Recap: Global Economy in 2021 (6min) – by Monkia Kekelikova, Lecturer in Finance, Sheffield Hallam University
  • NanoTalk 2 – Brexit Landscape & Fundraising Implications (12min) – Jessica Neville, Solicitor – Charity & Social Enterprise, Bates Wells
  • NanoTalk 3 – A View on Asia (12min) – Melody Song, Consultant, Global Philanthropic
  • NanoTalk 4 – A View on Africa (12min) – Keith Kibirango, Head of African Philanthropy, Save the Children
  • NanoTalk 5 – A View on Middle East (12min) – Tareq Omairi, Development Lead, International Commission on Missing Persons
  • NanoTalk 6 – A View on Europe (12min) – Teppo Heiskanen, Director of Advancement & Corporate Engagement, Aalto University

Session Synopsis

NanoTalk 1 – Recap: Global Economy in 2021 (6min) – by Monkia Kekelikova

Monika will power through what will essentially be a ‘weather report’ for the global economy in 2021. Which sectors are predicated to do well and who are predicated to be challenged? This session is aimed to help us inform our prospect approaches and research.

NanoTalk 2 – Brexit Landscape & Fundraising Implications (12min) – Jessica Neville

This session will explore the immediate legal impacts of Brexit we may need to consider for charities and not-for-profits. It will also explore new gov. funding models that are emerging to replace EU support, such as The Shared Prosperity Fund. Lastly, the session will give thoughts on any other considerations at this important juncture to set the scene for how we will relate to our friends in Europe and wider.

NanoTalk 3, 4, 5 & 6 – A View on Asia , Africa, Middle East and Europe

These sessions will all take a similar format giving us a ‘view’ on that region. Each will generally cover:

  1. An overview of philanthropy in that region / potential trends
  2. Cultural considerations and differences, illustrated through a country case study
  3. Thoughts on approaching fundraising in that region


All NanoConferences are Pay-What-You-Feel. As a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, all surplus goes back into the cause of making specialist knowledge more accessible.

Event Details

Date: 10th December 2020
Time: 3:00 pm
Time Zone: UK
Location: Live Online

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