Aarti is a dynamic professional with multi-dimensional experience within varied organisations, geographies and roles. She has garnered experience within industries spanning Impact, Professional Services, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Education. She has had multi-faceted roles in client management, talent development and project management.

Aarti is skilled in thriving within multi-industry settings, offering a wide-ranging knowledge base and adaptability to enhance organisational performance and goals. Aarti has managed matrixed, remote-only and cross-border teams with ease.

Aarti holds certificates in Organisational Human Resource Management, Policies and Legislation Framework Management, Singapore Workforce Skills Qualification, Hong Kong Employment Law and Global Business Management, as well as a BSc. in Business Administration from the University of California, USA.

She has lived and worked in India, North America, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Specialist skills

Aarti excels in diverse industries, leveraging broad expertise and adaptability to boost organisational performance. With a global outlook, she values cultural sensitivity and embraces diversity.