Creating partnerships around the world

We are also an international organisation and we have a global outlook. While our international offices pride themselves on in-depth local knowledge, as an organisation we look outwardly too. We aim to understand through our work and our connections, more of the global backdrop to philanthropic endeavours and in particular try to understand how a coordinated, system approach to giving can achieve greater impact.

Understanding giving

Just as the background to philanthropy is changing, so are philanthropic people and organisations. Few are content to throw money at things; most want to see the impact, and many want to be involved in understanding how to increase it.

Corporate philanthropy

Corporate giving too, has undergone a revolution, from an ad hoc activity, it has become central to many organisations’ understanding of their place in the world. In that area we are innovating ideas to transform the way corporates understand philanthropy and embed it into their purpose.

Women in philanthropy

That women give differently to men is a fact often overlooked by fundraisers. A recent Talking Philanthropy event focused on the issue, uncovering the possibilities for different fundraising strategies when gender is more deeply considered.

Talking Philanthropy research partners

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore

Founded in 2004, the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, is among the world’s most respected institutions. Against a backdrop of increasing Asian influence, it offers the best of Asian pragmatism and Western learning.

University of Cambridge Judge Business School

The Centre for Strategic Philanthropy within Judge Business School has joined Global Philanthropic as an academic partner and co-host for Talking Philanthropy 2021. Their expert knowledge and research on philanthropy in emerging markets and venture philanthropy makes them valuable partners for bringing Talking Philanthropy to the Asia-Pacific region.

Hong Kong Foundation & Asia Services

Find out how we are transforming philanthropy in Asia.