It also provides the evidence that makes for more confident decisions. Typically, our research helps non-profit organisations to better understand the donor audience and refine their propositions and identify activities to reach them. We also provide philanthropic research into funding strategies and recipient evaluation.

Backed by a suite of research tools, a team of specialists provides a comprehensive insight service to organisations worldwide. In more than 600 research projects we have developed methodologies and regional knowledge that quickly deliver in-depth answers to the most searching questions.

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Philanthropic Research

Philanthropic research helps in generating ideas and informing decisions. Our research can be used at the strategic level, to inform initial philanthropic planning, and equally at a more detailed level to examine CSR policies, or recipient evaluation practices. At every level, we offer a team of professional and discreet researchers who can help you build a clearer picture of the complex choices available to you.

Additional Data Services

We work with specialist research partners to accomplish research tasks including data screening, analytics and data hygiene in line with prevailing GDPR regulations.

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